Brnans have not been afraid that they have won in Jablonec for over nine years. They did not decide that they did not score 787 minutes at the Shooting Range. Against them a psychically cracked team, who had been waiting for a league win over two months.

“We felt it on them, and on Wednesday they went out in the cup. We wanted to make use of it and we are happy to have done it, “said Řeznicek, 28, a year old. “We certainly needed such a victory,” Svatopluk Habanec, coach of Brno, sighed.

Neither Zbrojovka was in a friendly situation. Habanc’s squad fell to 14th in the league. The team struggled in the end, the offensive reinforcements were on the marod. For that, the formerly reliable defense has begun.

That Brno’s North Bohemia exit can be three-point, indicated 8.minute. Řezníček was sent to Michal Škoda’s solo, who did not panic. The fifth goal in the internet betting fourth duel for a blonde blonde! “It was exactly what we wanted to play, just after getting the balloon to put it up,” said Řezníček.

The home team, after half an hour, calm down Martin Dolezal for a while but Řezníček once again changed his mind. After Prichystal’s incentive, he himself advised Hrubým in front of the goalman. “Fortunately, I put it between my legs,” the shooter breathed.

It was eventually a triumph, because the impoverished Jablonec did not find the answer. “We did not believe much.The team is still sitting down, we’ve got four players under the age of twenty-one, and I’m more glad that we’ve managed such a difficult match, “Habanec swallowed at the post-match press.

A few minutes online bookmaker after the match, Jablonec club Štěpán Hanuš announced the result of the lightning session of the board of directors: “Zdenko Frťal coach and sports director Ivan Horník were dismissed.”

While Jablonec after the blast of the coach in Brno plunged into an even bigger crisis, there may be a good mood in Zbrojovka . The Brnans under Haban first triumphed outside and jumped to tenth.

This obviously begins to awaken the offensive.Zombie players have hit seven times in the last three defeats. “We had enough chances in the last two games and we could have scored two more goals in Jablonec,” the coach said. “There are a lot of things to do with Sparta in the head,” said Řezníček, a 3: 3, recent wild platoon.

On another Prague “S”, Brno fans can look forward to Wednesday. Zbrojovka will invite Slavia to play in the league. “The win in Jablonec could be a good invitation,” said Zbrojovka coach. “But we must not fall asleep on laurels. I said after the game that there should be no celebration, because there is not room for it at all. “